Overweight treatment
Visible results from the very first days
Suppression of appetite
Reduction of lipid and carbohydrate digestion, decrease in caloric content of food ration
Activation of extraction and burning of fats from fat tissue
Blockage of muscle mass loss in the result of weight loss
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Form of presentation
Powder in compact jars.
Hoodia cactus extract, bromelain, phytosterols.
Area of application
Food additive containing vitamins and minerals. Used for activation of basic metabolism, regulation of carbohydrate and fat metabolism, overweight treatment.
Description of ingredients

Hoodia cactus extract, bromelain, phytosterols activate extraction and burning of fats from fat tissue.

Inhibit the phosphodiesterase enzyme, increase the level of cyclic AMP in cells, thereby increasing the effect of stimulation of adrenoreceptors, in particular, with synephrine.
Suppresses the appetite. Removes toxins from the body by binding and neutralizing harmful substances that enter the bloodstream during weight loss.
Hoodia cactus extract
Stimulates fat burning in mitochondria (mainly in muscle cells).
Suppression of appetite

Bromelain contains prenylated glycosides that suppress appetite through the satiation center in the central nervous system. Has no side effects.

Hoodia cactus extract and phytosterols also supress the appetite, acting synergistically with bromelain.

Reduced absorption of fats taken with food

Bromelain form intermolecular complexes acting as a trap for fats, cholesterol and bile acids. The components bound in such a way do not break down in the gastrointestinal tract and are excreted with stool.
1 dose of Dietonica can bind about 2.5g of fat and the daily dose of the drug – 15g of fat, which is equal to about 25% of the recommended daily intake of fat. Also, the drug stimulates the intestinal peristalsis, treats constipation and conducts gentle body purification.

Reduced absorption of carbohydrates taken with food

Cactus hoodia extract contains a complex of flavonoids and polysaccharides inhibiting the pancreatic amylase enzyme responsible for digestion and uptake of carbohydrates in the digestive tract, helping also to reduce the actual caloric content of the diet.

Thus, Dietonica makes an integrated effect on
mechanisms involved in the development of obesity:

  • suppresses the appetite;
  • reduces lipid and carbohydrate digestion by decreasing the actual caloric content of food ration;
  • reduces the time of food staying in the digestive tract;
  • activates extraction and effective burning of fats from fat depots;
  • prevents the muscle mass loss in the result of weight loss.
Drug efficacy

Decrease in appetite is observed as soon as after taking the first dose of the drug, but the maximum appetite suppression is gained in one week of intake. Hunger disappears for 8-9 hours, which allows you to reduce the number of meals to 2 times a day without cutting the size of the portion.

Without changing the diet, the weight loss is MINUS 10-12 kg PER MONTH.

In case of high Body Mass Index and a decrease in caloric content of the ration down to 1,200 kcal/day, the weight loss is UP TO MINUS 4 kg PER WEEK.

Therefore, a moderate calorie restriction increases the effectiveness of weight loss by 7 times! ALL weight loss occurs due to the loss of fat tissue.

With an increase in the level of physical activity, weight loss can be even more significant but it will occur mainly due to water drainage from the body.

How to use:

  • - Dissolve a teaspoon of powder in a glass of water and drink during or after a meal. 2 times a day
  • - Treatment duration: 4 weeks.
  • - If required, repeat the course.
  • - Consult your physician before the use.
Expert opinion

Weight loss and metabolism are two interconnected concepts. One should understand that biochemical processes in a slim body and in a fat one are quite different. Therefore, if you want to get rid of excess pounds forever, you need to change the biochemistry of your body.

Dietonica, an additive based on Hoodia cactus extract, bromelain, and phytosterols, is one of the best patented weight-loss drugs as of today. Its unique effect is that it does not break down fats inside your body, which slows down the metabolism even more, but binds and removes them from the body without purging effect. On an average, women lose 10-12 kg per month with Dietonica.

Linda Smith, Nutrition Expert

I recommend my clients to take Dietonica not only for weight loss, but also for anti-cellulite treatment. What is cellulite? This is uneven subcutaneous fat deposition. The drug helps to release these fat cells from the tissue after which they can be easily destroyed.
Harini M.
Phytosterols are a new substance that was discovered only a couple of years ago. Its ability to reduce weight and suppress the appetite without affecting the nervous system and heart is really unique. I strongly recommend you to try Dietonica for weight loss and feeling healthy.
Enoch J., Dietitian
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Customers’ testimonials
Charisa Hayman,
age 28
“No more muffin top and fat belly...”

I can’t logically explain it but I lost 13 kg for a month! I just drank the powder dissolved in the water and it worked like magic! I noticed the effect in a week later and was simply amazed when I started to lose more and more weight day by day.

For me, the body form is more important than the weight. My results: -20 cm from waist, -13 cm from hips, -5 cm from hands. No more muffin top and fat belly, my body now looks like hour glass without any folds and ugly lines! I used almost two packs for the month (I took the drug 2 or 3 times a day).

Anggel Topling,
age 19
“Dietonica is a miracle!”

If you had seen me before and after, you’d say that these are two different girls. I still sometimes don’t recognize myself in the mirror and can’t believe that I look like that now!

I started to put weight when I was 13 (now I’m 19). My weight was 83 kilograms. Cripes! I tried healthy eating, starving, food additives but nothing helped. Now I thank myself for another attempt, for trying Dietonica. I’ve taken it already for 53 days and my scales show I lost almost 20 kg. I feel active and healthy again!

Emma Davis,
age 35
“Surprisingly quick results without side effects”

My nutritionist, a woman with 20 years of experience, advised me to try Dietonica. I have many contraindications (liver, joints, cardiovascular system, pancreatic gland, etc.) but I didn’t feel any side effects while taking this powder. On the contrary, I started to feel better. There was no more liverish feeling after eating and I stopped being permanently hungry.

My results are not significant yet (minus 8.5 from 91 kilograms), but visually the stomach and thighs become smaller. I recommend Dietonica as it’s effective.

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Terms of Sale:

Sale through specialized sales departments and official web-page. The product is not a medical drug.


Pregnant and lactating women; individual intolerance to the product components; predisposition to intestinal bowel disorders.

Storage conditions:

Store at a place protected from light and reach of children, at the temperature not exceeding +25°C.

Best before: 2 years.